Ricardo Magalhães

I'm Ricardo, a front-end web developer based in Montreal currently working at Shopify. I maintain a typography newsletter, Coffee Table Typography, write about life and technical things.


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I deeply enjoy pairing several disciplines in my work: writing, typography and photography are inseparable from my daily life and fitting them into my workflow is a bliss. React, node.js and TypeScript are my usual tools of the trade. Peace is restored when running, rock-climbing, or picking something from the bookshelf. You can learn more about me.

Active projects

Coffee Table Typography 🦊

Since 2017, I've been maintaining a bi-monthly newsletter about typography, fonts, languages and books. It's long-form, meaning there's no link dumps, with a mandatory coffee article to go with it. You can subscribe today, too. Wink.

First Aid Git 🚑

A small pet project from my (very) early React days which, despite unmaintained, still provides a useful resource to fixing most Git mistakes.

Coffee in Literature ☕️

A dead simple single-page app consisting of random quotes mentioning coffee in literature; books I've read, citations people have sent me. Being a coffee-nerd, it has always interested me when authors mentioned coffee in their books, so I began collecting them. This is a simple React-powered website which gives you a different quote every time (shareable, too).


CodePen — Mountain CSS Scene 🗻

A small scene, inspired by an Alex Pasquarella illustration, fully recreated in CSS and reinvented with some animation.

OpenType Playground

A sandbox, with examples, of all sorts of OpenType features you can use in your web typography.

React.js Typewriter ✍️

Available in two flavours, React and vanilla JS (hence the name), this is a tiny library that allows you to present text in a page as if it was being typed in a typewriter.

About me

I'm a Portuguese developer, currently living in the cold lands of Montreal, with a love for typography, long-distance running and rock climbing.

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Since 2012 I've been doing front-end development full-time, going through the motions of different frameworks and tech stacks. Remember Backbone.js? Those were the days. My work has always been a mixture of design and engineering, mostly on the latter, although the visual components of UI have always attracted me more than database queries.

For the past few years I've lived in different regions of Portugal, U.K. and Germany, finally settling in Canada where I'm currently doing work for the amazing people of Shopify.

Currently, I'm fully dedicated to working with the React ecosystem; hooks and reducers and all. A bit of Next.js, too. Throughout the years I've learned how to love TypeScript, and CSS modules and styled components are my favourite tools of choice.

Away from a keyboard, you'll find me running as much as possible (and that includes during the harsh Canadian winters) and rock-climbing. I'm obsessed with books, typograph and coffee, as you can tell by my bookshelf section. I have a technical blog and a personal one on Medium.

Selected articles

Typography on the Subway: A Trip Around the World

On Leadership and Confidence

Data Immutability with pure JavaScript

Accessibility with aria-describedby and aria-labelledby

About this website

After spending years over-engineering my personal webistes with frameworks and technical experiments, I've gone back to basics. Well, sort of. No framework, down to earth Sass for styling, Webpack for ES2015 transpiling and vanilla JS for basic routing and API calls.

On the bookshelf

Most of my personal projects revolve around words, books, language. This is why I have this sort of bookshelf on a personal website, reading directly from Currently Reads. Let's be book buddies. 📚

Currently Reading

Here's my active Goodreads bookshelf.

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Favourite Books

  • Haruki Murakami — Wind Up Bird Chronicle

  • Haruki Murakami — A Wild Sheep's Chase

  • Blake Crouch — Dark Matter

  • Emily St. John — Station Eleven

  • Jeff Vandermeer — Borne

  • Olivia Laing — The Lonely City

  • Patti Smith — Just Kids

  • Richard Bach — Illusions

  • Jack Kerouac — Dharma Bums

  • Italo Calvino — Invisible Cities

  • Heather O'Neill — Lonely Hearts Hotel

  • Richard Rutter — Web Typography

  • Ellen Lupton — Thinking About Type