Yes, yet another typing game.

Type as many words as you can, as fast as you can, and learn what your words typing rate per minute is.

You get a game score penalty for each error. Type wisely.

Yes, yet another typing game.

What's this?

A silly, quickly and carelessly made typing game where you can easily get a calculation for your WPM ratio. You can learn how it works.

Aside from your WPM score, you'll also get a game score, based on how many words you've managed to type and how many mistakes you've made.

The words are taken from a chapter of the great Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius.

Why another typing game?

This is not different than any other typing game. The game escalated out of a JSBin draft where I was trying out Foundation Flexbox grid and it quickly grew out of proportion on my short work breaks. It's fully open source on Github.

Which typefaces are these?

The serif typeface is one of the most beautifully designed, Adobe Caslon Pro. The sans-serif is the now incredibly overused Proxima Nova, which consists of no less than 136 different styles!

On a type sidenot, don't get fooled by the name Adobe behind Caslon's name. The original typeface actually dates back to the mid 18th century, designed by William Caslon in London. However, Adobe revamped it around 1990, adding a ton of digital features to it that we can now find via OpenType.

Proxima Nova, on the other hand, was fully designed in house by Mark Simonson's Foundry in 2005, although that's also not its original root: in 1994 we could already find Proxima Sans around, as a very versatile alternative to Futura.

If you care about typography more than sourdough bread, then you're invited to subscribe to my newsletter about the topic (typography, not sourdough, although...), Coffee Table Typography.

Time's up, well played.

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